Jason Vu.


Jason Vu是一位非二元越南 - 美国运动艺术家和思想身体健康从业者。舞蹈形式的学者,创伤的健康和幸福,瑜伽和东部哲学的思想和冥想,Vu认为,作为解放船和Qtbipoc叙事作为转型性司法的核心。在集体护理,共同创造和同意下,VU创造了舞蹈电影和表演,以仪式化非压迫方式,知道,做和存在。他们促进创造性的过程和教育空间重新连接有本能和精神实施方式的人,以便培养解放的表达和提供框架来调查自我,因为它与过去,现在和未来有关。

Jason choreographed and starred in the dance film PRINCESS (2020), choreographed qwe’re (2019)—with the Brockus SHIFT/west residency, and choreographed the evening-length work We Live Like Water (2017)—with the Brown Arts Initiative Grant. They performed as principal dancer for singer Melanie Martinez on the K-12 World Tour, directed by Brian Friedman. They served as an active performer for Dana Foglia Dance, through which they assisted Dana in developing choreographies for company repertoire and commercial music artists, including Beyoncé. Vu graduated from Brown University with a BA in Health and Human Biology: Dance as an Alternative Form of Healing. They served as a teacher and researcher for Brown’s “Artists and Scientists as Partners”, a collective of scholars in public health, musicology, dance, anthropology, and neuroscience devoted to teaching and disseminating dance programs for people with neurological and aging disorders.